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As part of the New South Wales Energy Upgrade and Energy Saver Program and the Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program, eligible food & beverage businesses can qualify for a FREE display fridge. Find your eligibility by fill out application form and book your free fridge today.

A fridge or freezer is a major purchase. You can save a lot of money and energy over many years by choosing the most efficient appliance.

By installing our 10-star Energy Efficient display fridge you will see substantial changes in energy bills, additional revenue opportunities and low maintenance cost.

The Victorian and New South Wales Government is committed to helping businesses reduce their energy costs. We are helping you receive rebates or discounts through businesses accredited under the program for purchasing energy efficient fridges and freezers. All installations provided by ECOORIGIN is carried out in accordance with activity guide and by suitably qualified licence holder in compliance with the relevant standards and legislation.

Victorian Energy Upgrades / Energy Saving Scheme can help you save money on upgrade costs, reduce your energy bills, and help the environment.

Energy-efficient refrigeration simply uses less electricity. When you consider that your fridges are running all day, every day, you will realise that your savings will quickly add up. If you are using old refrigerator especially one that was made before minimum energy efficiency standards were introduced in 2003, you may be paying more for energy than you should be.

Get a brand-new fridge for your business today under the state-wide Energy Saving Scheme.

Since energy efficient appliances spend the minimum amount of energy to complete their tasks, they can enhance the level of energy conservation and this help to achieve Australian Government’s commitment in reducing greenhouse gas emission and contribute to pledge in net zero by 2050.

As the world moves more and more towards green consciousness, governments are passing laws and regulations to ensure that technology and industry keep up with the trends and work according to accepted norms and standards. When you purchase fridges made in compliance with these legal frameworks – ours included – you can set your mind at ease about meeting these requirements.

Using energy efficient appliances, you’ll not only save money and reduce your monthly energy bills, but you can also help conserve and protect the environment.

Benefits of Updated Energy Efficient Fridge

Aesthetic look

Large display area

Energy Saving, resource saving and Environmental protection

Automatically rebound the glass door to prevent the loss of cold air

Glass door with electric heating wire, automatic frost


To find more about Victorian Energy Upgrades please see video below.

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Claim a free display/drink fridge

Save money on the installation of energy-efficient products, reduce your energy bill and help the environment by getting involved in the Victorian Energy Upgrades.

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