NSW LED Light Residential Upgrade

Make your home efficient by upgrading your entire household for only $33.

Residential LED Light Goals

At Eco Origin we aim to change the way Australian households are lighting up their home. We offer eligible households upgrade their halogen downlights and flood lights to energy efficient LEDs under NSW Energy Saving Scheme and save up to 85% on running costs.

Thanks to the NSW Government households now can receive LED Upgrade only at once off $33. Under ESS Program you can save heaps on bills by switching your existing old fashioned lights to LEDs.

Free Upgrade MR16 Halogen to LED Downlight

led mr 16 light
led mr 16 light

Standard Upgrade

Free Upgrade GU10 Halogen to GU10 Downlight

led mr 16 light
led mr 16 light

Standard Upgrade

MR16 Halogen to Dimmable GU10 Downlights For $9.95 Each

led mr 16 light
led mr 16 light

Dimmable Downlight Upgrade

Halogen to Premium Downlight Luminaire For $16.99 Each

led mr 16 light
led mr 16 light

Premium Upgrade

Free Upgrade Halogen PAR38 to LED PAR38

led mr 16 light
led mr 16 light

Standard Upgrade

Your sustainability journey

Your sustainable journey separated into five hassle free steps.


Organize a time for site assessment with one of our energy consultant.

Site Assessment

We will conduct an energy efficiency audit and to understand your needs and based on assessment we will provide you energy efficiency solutions


Once approved we will project management right from organizing stocks to installation and one of our A Grade qualified electrician will perform Installation for your peace of mind.


Old fittings and lamps will be recycled in accordance to regulation requirements to ensure dangerous materials are safely disposed.

Start Saving

You sit back relax and enjoy the savings.

Residential LED Light benefits

Instant on

LEDs turn on instantly and are immediately at their full brightness.


Save up to 85% off on lighting costs.

Longer Lifespan

LEDs lasts almost 50,000 hours and durability.


Free of hazardous chemicals.

No hidden costs

Receive supply and install at $33 (Ex premium products).


Switching to LEDs reduce overall carbon footprint.

Residential LED light products

We provide a comprehensive range of energy efficient LED products to help reimagine energy, savings and the future. We let our energy assessments determine customized LED upgrade solutions for you around three key themes of smart usage, use less and make your own.

Explore newest premium chip LED products and let us design your sustainable journey.

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LED Spotlights

LED Globes

LED Par38

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