Why Choose Eco Origin ?


Access to a variety of rebates/incentives to get the best offer for our customers


Aims in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by providing access to discounted energy-efficient product and services


All upgrades and lighting solutions undertake in line with scheme requirements


IPART and VEU approved products


Experienced and Registered A-Class Installers


We provide complete ROI and most lighting solutions deliver ROI within 3-6 months


Excellent warranty on all lighting products


Our experienced and knowledgeable team pledge to improving the energy resources of customers makes us a Reliable and the Best partner


Our extensive portfolio of solutions is backed by years of research and stringent quality testing to meet strict Australian standards.

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Why Eco Origin

Eco Origin is a leading Australian commercial and residential energy efficiency company work under State and Federal government rebate and incentive program. We are thrilled to be a part of the environment revolution through design, plan and installation of wide range of energy efficiency products.

As a Leading energy efficiency provider we ensure products we install are certified to Australian Standards, industry approved, innovative, safe and cost effective.

Seamless Process
Accredited Products
Innovative Ideas

Seamless Process

We offer a comprehensive selection of products and services with seamless process. Your sustainable journey is separated in five easy steps with strong track record in safety, reliability, trust and customer satisfaction.

Accredited Products

All products used by Eco Origin, before they introduced, undergo a stringent Australian standard process to ensure their quality and effectiveness. We only uses Tier 1 quality products with the high rated Australian warranties in the market, approved by Energy Saving Scheme ( NSW IPART) and Victorian Energy Upgrade (VIC VEU). Our state of the art product portfolio brings innovation through new technology and sustainable energy solutions.

Innovation Through Incentives

Eco Origin is expert in understanding what state, federal and local government incentives available to you and how organizations, businesses, schools and residence can receive most out it. We innovate and forefront the energy efficiency revolution, embracing the latest technology available. Our project management team regulate the process from initial audit, ESS/VEU incentive documentation through to commissioning and installation.

Your sustainability journey

Your sustainable journey separated into five hassle free steps.


Organize a time for site assessment with one of our energy consultant.

Site Assessment

We will conduct an energy efficiency audit and to understand your needs and based on assessment we will provide you energy efficiency solutions


Once approved we will project management right from organizing stocks to installation and one of our A Grade qualified electrician will perform Installation for your peace of mind.


Old fittings and lamps will be recycled in accordance to regulation requirements to ensure dangerous materials are safely disposed.

Start Saving

You sit back relax and enjoy the savings.

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Save money on the installation of energy-efficient products, reduce your energy bill and help the environment by getting involved in the Victorian Energy Upgrades.

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